Jurney Enterprises, is s full service cleaning, repair & recycling center for all types of IBC's (intermediate bulk containers) and a general/custom warehousing facility.  We are located within 7 miles of the main UPS hub, as well as convenient to several major highways. Jurney makes transportation a non-issue.
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Home About Us Services Contact UsJurney Enterprises View Video Cleaning - Containers are pressured washed with either hot or cold water plus optional detergent. Warehousing - Jurney offers access to as much or as little space and you need Repair - Broken doors & latches are professionally repaired by our certified welding department, or replaced as necessary. We offer: * Certified welding department * The ability to receive dirty, used containers & store them until needed. * Complete & thorough cleaning & repair services * Refurbishment of used ibc's for both OEM's & end users. * Help in going Green. Our reuse & recycling shows dedication to helping the shipping/warehousing industry go green. * Cost savings. Refurbishing is much cheaper than buying new, not to mention better for the environment. Home About Us Services Contact Us