About Jurney Enterprises - Everyone here knows that with our customers we would not be in business.

Our parent company, Palletco, Inc., was founded in 1990 as a pallet repair company for the bulk rubber industry. As the cost of wood pallets and the need for recycling grew, we became invested in the Intermediate Bulk Container industry and Jurney Enterprises was launched. We continue to be a family owned business and currently employ three generations of industry workers.

Jurney Enterprises and Palletco, Inc. continue to work and build relationships with industry giants such as Michelin Corporation, GoodPack USA, American Rubber Synthetic Corporation, GPS (Global Pallets and Packaging Services), and Zeon Chemicals.

We continue to meet or exceed our customers’ unique needs and keep costs effective through the services we offer: inspecting, cleaning, repairing, storing and shipping of bulk containers.

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