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  • Containers are picked-up from your facility or directly delivered to ours
  • Trucks are unloaded and containers placed in designated client areas for inspection, cleaning, and repair
  • Every container is inspected for holes, cracks, broken doors, and broken latches
  • Physical condition of every container is recorded and tracked per customer request


  • Containers are pressured washed with either hot or cold water plus detergent as required
  • Containers are then re-inspected to ensure nothing was missed in the cleaning process
  • Each container is stored in assigned client areas for shipping or warehousing purposes


  • Broken latches and/or doors are professionally repaired by our certified welding department, or replaced as necessary

  • Holes and cracks are professionally repaired


  • Customized space is available to meet customer specifics and requirements
  • All loading and unloading of trucks is handled by our trained and certified staff
  • Shipping is scheduled through several freight carriers and matched to customer needs


  • Containers damaged beyond repair are sent to professional recycling facilities as scrap
  • Monies received from scrap is returned to the customer for a small handling fee



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